From the UK Study Management Team at a Leading University

Feedback to the Nursing Team who worked on a Department of Health Project:

“I would like to thank you and the team for all your superb effort and hard work in supporting this study over the last year. Your team’s support has been invaluable in this time and has contributed to the substantial total achieved sample.

I am also grateful for the regular problem-solving discussions with both yourself and John about various aspects of the trial. I also realise that given the intervention and the study population, this trial was something of a learning curve for many of your staff and I am grateful for their perseverance in what on occasions have been trying circumstances. Thank you once again for all your and’ help!”


“Support for the study was required at 11 PCT trial sites throughout England. were able to provide research nurse cover at these sites and consistently provided a professional service throughout the set-up and recruitment phase of the trial. were able to provide qualified and experienced research nurses to cover each site where additional support was required, and were able to continue this support on an ongoing basis as and when it was needed, at times with very short notice. communicated with us in a timely and regular manner and provided us with detailed updates of the status of their nurses’ paperwork (to work at NHS sites). proved to be very reliable and their staff were very accomplished at the challenging task of recruitment in this hard-to-engage population. Their research nurses helped to recruit 412 participants into a trial total of 1645, and we have been impressed by the quality of their work and their professionalism”.

            Associate Director and Study Management Team, Trials Unit, UK University.

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