Red tape hampers drug research

By Jan Kenworthy.

An attack has been launched by 16 highly respected UK charities regarding what they call “the disproportionate regulations of European Clinical Trials “.

They claim, within their joint statement, that the progress of approving new drugs is being hampered by “red tape” which is causing patient safety and treatment advances to be compromised. Collectively, these charities have called on the EU not only to streamline its processes to make the clinical trial approval route much simpler, but also to reduce the variation of how these regulations are interpreted across different countries. Not only have regulatory administrative costs risen during the last 4 years, but the time taken for approvals to be granted to Clinical researchers has also risen drastically.

“The Commission and parliament need to seize this opportunity to reform the directive, and ensure clinical trials are conducted safely and to high standards without overwhelming researchers with red tape” stated Betty McBride, policy and communications director at the British Heart Foundation.

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