NIHR league table reveals broad disparities in NHS research engagement

The NIHR’s Clinical Research Network has for the first time published a league table detailing research activity undertaken by individual NHS Trusts in England during the year 2010/11. After recent government announcements promoting clinical research in the UK, it is interesting to see the board disparities across the country in terms of study participation and the number of patients recruited.

Figures showed that 97% of NHS Trusts participated in research during this period whilst the number of studies per trust ranged from 322 right down to one, and naming Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as the top of the study participation list with 322 studies, closely followed by The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with 321. These two Trusts recruited 11,660 and 11,296 patients respectively during the financial year.

However, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust was by a long way the number one Trust for recruiting patients, with 69,260 registered in 2010/11. The nearest contender was University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, with 21,476 patients recruited for 86 studies.

More than half a million patients in total were recruited to research studies through NHS organisations in England during this time but Professor Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser to the Department of Health, still feels that NHs trusts can be more active, stating, “We need all Trusts to look at how they can increase the opportunities for patients to take part in research.”

To view the NIHR league tables follow the link

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