UK cancer diagnosis/treatment costs to rise 62% by 2021

The cost of diagnosing and treating cancer in the UK is expected to increase from £9.4 billion in 2010 to £15.3 billion by 2021, a rise of £5.9 billion or 62%, according to a new report published by private health firm Bupa.

Demand for cancer diagnosis and treatment will rise 2% annually over the next 10 years, while demand for new technologies and treatments, which added just under 3.7% per year to real-terms costs during 2003/4 to 2010/11, is expected to continue at this same rate of increase over the next decade, according to the report.

The report states “we need to find new ways to address the costs of tests and treatments for cancer, with better national planning for availability of new drugs and technologies, the integration of companion tests for personalised medicines into care pathways, and finding new ways to bring cancer drugs to market”.

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