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In 2011 ResearchNurses.co launched, its aim to provide a resource both for sponsors and clinical trial managers seeking high quality research nurses and as a resource for research nurses themselves.

By 2010 our company (formerly known as CDSS) was the UK’s leading independent provider of research nurses, with a team of some of the most experienced, highly trained and highly motivated research nurses in the country. Recognising that the demand for these specialist nurses was increasing, but that no infrastructure for career development, training or accreditation existed, the company took the decision to use their position as the UK’s premier research nurse provider to try and address these issues.

Bringing together as many sources of news and information as possible and creating an online community of research nurses, Research

Nurses.co addresses research nursing issues, training, support and advance their agenda, whilst providing access to professional development and jobs.

Both ResearchNurses.co and our parent company, Illingworth Research, continue to be guided by the same highly experienced management team and together provide clients with the ultimate clinical research partnership.


Read more about individual management team members, John IllingworthMelanie Haisley, Juliet Hulse, Bryn AshworthMike Davies, and Ian Illingworth.