About Clinical Research

BOOK REVIEW ‘Guide to paediatric Drug Development and Clinical Research’ by Klaus Rose and John van den Anker (2010)’

Following an increase in cooperation between United States, Japanese and European regulators, clinical research trials worldwide are  increasingly involving children. In December 2007, the World Health Organisation launched a campaign called “Make medicines child size” targeting a range of antibiotics, asthma and pain medication. They also called for further research […]

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Informed Consent In Clinical Trials

By Jan Sleigh, Senior Research Nurse A BRIEF HISTORY OF INFORMED CONSENT Informed Consent is: ‘The process of agreeing to take part in a study based of access to all relevant and easily digestible information about what participation means, in particular, in terms of harms and benefits’[1] ‘A fundamental principle […]

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Good Clinical Practice – A Brief History

By Clare Wilson, Senior Research Nurse Participants who wish to take part in a clinical trial should be able to do so with the knowledge that their rights and well being are treated as a priority and that everything has been done to provide the best possible care available.  In […]

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