Home visits: research nurse turns up the heat

By Heather Glover, Paediatric Research Nurse at 6th July 2012 Patient recruitment and retention is often a challenge for paediatric studies, which has no doubt contributed to the lack of pharmaceutical development for children’s medicines. To compensate many paediatric studies are now designed with this in mind, by shifting […]

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The Adventures of Home Visits in Research

By Fliss Skinner, Paediatric Research Nurse at 18th May 2012 Who would have thought that home dosing would afford so many exciting adventures! As a nurse previously used to simply arriving on a ward to start a shift, or appearing at the office at the appropriate time, home dosing […]

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Making an impact on paediatric studies through effective communication

By Heather Glover, Paediatric Research Nurse at 5th April 2012 Many drugs which are prescribed and administered to children have not been adequately studied in the paediatric population, due in part, to the difficulties with patient recruitment and retention within this population. It is a well-known fact that children […]

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