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Heather Glover, Paediatric Research Nurse

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion to be a children’s nurse. However, I thought it wise to keep my options open and train as a general nurse, before specialising in paediatrics. This gave me a good foundation on which to build my career, in medical, surgical, cardiac, oncology and more recently research nursing.

Following my RSCN training I worked in Paediatric Intensive Care, where I developed a variety of nursing competences along with many very important skills in caring for traumatised families, working within a large multi-disciplinary team and managing stressful situations in time pressured environments. I subsequently became a Sister in PICU, with responsibilities for retrieving critically ill children from district general hospitals and transporting them to a specialist centre.  During this time, I also gained a BSc in nursing studies, and attained my Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing qualification.

This role became very difficult to maintain once I had had children of my own so, having moved out of the city and into Macclesfield, my natural career progression was to move back into general paediatrics.

My character and personality continued to influence my career, however, and I developed the Paediatric Practice Development role within Macclesfield DGH. This was a role I thoroughly enjoyed, as I was able to combine nursing (a job I love), with education & training and improving standards. In addition, I managed the paediatric unit on a temporary basis on two separate occasions.

I now find myself in the world of research. This is an exciting direction in my career, being an opportunity to meet new people, work in new environments and become involved in projects which could have such an amazing effect on the lives of others. It seems a natural path to take with all the experience I have behind me. Even though I am not based on a ward, giving the hands-on nursing care, training others or managing a team, I am still doing something very important to improve the lives and experience of people who need it.