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On-Site Nursing Support

Many of our clients require nursing assistance and on-site support. The extent to which clients or sites require our assistance can vary. We are able to tailor our services to your project needs.

Our research nurses are accustomed to fitting within existing team structures to provide extra resource, or alternatively look at driving a project forward at sites without an existing research infrastructure in place.

ResearchNurses.co pride ourselves in maintaining a tight-knit experienced team allowing us to provide high quality subject/patient care, maximise patient recruitment and ensure the integrity of the trial data.

NHS Trusts

Having many years of experience working in this field, working on commercial projects taking place in NHS sites, we are acutely aware of the processes in place which we need to navigate as external individuals working at an NHS site. Our research nurse team manager, Sue Mackay, has coordinated obtaining honorary contracts for our team at NHS Trusts across the UK, for many years. We understand that if you require our assistance, you often will require it quickly, and we feel confident that we are able to use our knowledge of the processes to ensure we can obtain all the necessary documentation and approvals as quickly as possible.